Trials & Trails

EPISODE 26: Rule, Grac! Grac Rules the Waves!

Jumping (and shimmying) to a conclusion

The initial jaunt into the world of adventuring comes to a close for our crew with a bang. Or rather a boom. Several booms, including one that creates a hole in a hillside and forms a new waterfall near the quiet village of The Crack. In brief:

  • Following Esma’s (most definitely very greedy) nose, the party makes its way through a room of foul mosaics (now with even more clues!), pilfering a single, ceremonial robe (donned by Artur, a Bard who somehow got embroiled this mess) as well as several enchanted skull grenades, one of which Dresden tries to wear after it psychically tells her to “uuuuuuse meeeeee…” Well, it didn’t say HOW, did it? Thankfully, Dwylo figures out the TRUE nature of these strange skull-bombs before anyone meets an untimely demise…like, by blowing one up on their head. The party ALSO discovers a magical ring that stores spells, which Esma passes over to Mosodol, who has managed to decipher an old spell book they found in the chambers above. Now armed with a bit more stuff, off they go…

*Confronted by an arcanely-inscribed stone menhir overlooking really big lake across from which they hear ghostly moaning and such, the party makes use of censer and silver robe, selecting Mosodol to do the honors. This occurs after several attempts to decipher the menhir, which sends out psychic messages urging adventurers messing with it to kill their buds. Dwylo shakes this off and begins stabbing and scraping at the thing. Many scrapings later, the influence is mitigated, so no one gets stabbed by their ally. Mosodol uses the censer to summon, of all things, a big ol’ ship (also inscribed with symbols), and off we go…well, not immediately, because…

*Boarding the ship summons a guardian kraken (that’s right, an em effin’ Kraken). Thus begins, the “battle versus many tentacles.” Mosodol makes use of spells from her newfound ring, and Esma does the crushing thing with her mace. Meanwhile, much heroism abounds, as Uchder gets grappled and is in danger of being taken out to sea. But Dwylo (much like donuts, is there nothing he can’t do?) hurls a rope to the raging barbarian, who hoists himself up, up, and away, out of reach of the tentacle. Meanwhile, Artur has his moment when he scampers up to the crow’s nest, then HURLS a pair of grenades at the onrushing tentacles. KA-BOOOOOOOOOM! Tentacle flesh sprays everywhere, landing on the boat, on the adventurers, in the water…Thank the Gods, in the water, because a blood sacrifice is what was needed to placate the Kraken, who returns to the depths, missing a couple of appendages. Off the party goes…to DESTINY!

*Destiny, as it turns out, takes the form of an arcane ritual on a ziggurat heaped on top of a hill. The party’s grand entrance is mostly ignored, as the drum-beating Beastmen below the zig treat the boat as “just another supply of hapless villagers.” This allows the party to concoct a scheme to bypass the beastie horde by having Mosodol spell-jump across to level two of the ziggurat ramp and afix a rope. Many shimmies later, the party is on the platform, eventually making their way up, led by robe-wearing Artur, leading the others who pose as “hapless villagers.” This works well enough to sneak past two checkpoints, bringing the group to the last ramp leading to the ritual (all but Mosodol, who will literally “spring” into action once the group mounts its assault). Speaking of that assault…

*While a Shaman delivers ritual blathering over a well spewing arcane smoke and fire heavenward (ostensibly to open a portal to somewhere), several beastmen bring forth the following: a young village girl, which they obviously intend to sacrifice to the well, and two LARGE baskets full of coins, which they ALSO intend to dump in. Well, this is just to much for Esma. There is NO WAY she’s letting anything happen…to those coins! Battle begins, the party gaining surprise!

*The battle features a series of ups and downs, among them:

After taking care of one of the beasti’es holding down the village girl, Uchder gets shanked and paralyzed by a mighty beastman blow, leading him to mostly stand there during the battle. Thankfully, the other beastmen, shaman, acolytes, etc., are either engaged or their attention turned to spell-slinging wizards. On that…

Mosodol’s death from below tactic results in empowering the well, and getting him crunched by beastmen. Down he goes. Thankfully, Dresden manages to make her way to him, lays on hands and VOILA! The Wizard is up! (and horribly scarred).

Artur carris on a running fight with a beastman, after taking the creature’s sword. Though in massive pain from being back-slammed, he eventually downs his opponent, and takes part in the battle versus the BIG BAD.

After starting things by tossing a dagger right in the throat of the head shaman, as well as bringing down beastie guardians and such, Dresden, Dwylo and Uchder take turns engaging and, in Esma’s case, smashing pumpkins. Or rather, beastmen heads. All in all, by the time the portal spits out the flame-flail slinging, one-eyed, bestial avatar of…well, SOMEONE, the party has eliminated most of the threats. The party engages the thing, finally sending him staggering toward the well, shaken, stirred, shanked and crushed.

Of course, when the creature falls back into the vortex, thus begins “the destruction of the HQ.” The entire edifice begins to crumble. Mosodol makes another leap back into the boat, where he begins ushering up villagers (and figuring out how to make the boat go without the censer). Dwylo hastens the horrible zig’s demise by tossing a pair of grenades, which brings rubble down everywhere, while giving him a nice, flying boost back to the ship. As great chunks of rock go falling here, there, and everwhere, Esma, who had to be carried away from the coins above by Uchder, spots the big bad’s magical flail just lying there on the corner of the second zig level…just waiting for someone to pick it up…braving the avalanche, the coin-scrounging scout snatches the thing JUST AS A HUGE BOULDER CRUSHES THE CORNER.

That last crush is the signal to go, which the party does. With Mosodol steering into a magical, glowing wake, the party hangs on tight as the water’s glow SMASHES a hole in the hillside, sending the boat and its occupants crashing into the waters of the Serdenedgel (aka The Keelbreaker) river, below, disturbing the fishing expedition of an old man.

Oh, and becoming big, damned heroes in the process…:-)


Adventure end=MAR 02, 5th YotD; NEXT SESSION START=02APR, 5YOtD

Mosodol’s CHA has been reduced to 4. I feel like it should be d4 damage, like the other entry, and may retcon that. I might also tweak the out of action chart to use a d8, meaning a 6, 7 or 8=death.

Esma now has a flaming flail that does +1 dmg and can be activated for 3 rounds, once/day. doing an additional d6 fire damage. This is going to be badass when that “one attack per level” thing occurs.

Party has not yet leveled. I’m going to add some more questions to the list so that XP gain is about 5-10 per adventure, rather than 5-7).


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