Trials & Trails

Episode 20: Small Complications

How to not succeed without not really trying

The next adventure proves to be an interlude of sorts, beginning with the party being jumped by a group of Full Cultists who sprang an ambush on Shadow. A big fight takes place in the stairwell of their inn. Several failed spells slamming into Telvas later, the party knocks out 3 cultists, kills 4 more, and sends their Old-World spell spinner leader out into the streets, where he disappears.

The rest if background and such, but here’s what happens:

  • A pair of Cultists (Ozzie and Halpern) join the party, after revealing they were being paid to act like zealots in the first place.
    *A third cultist gets zapped into death by a misfired Vicic spell. No matter, because the Cleric animates the dead guy into a smart, smiling minion.
    *Tiskus shadow steps his way around the Realm, drops off the Crystal Ball the party found at Mageswell. Foscoe Borgia tells him that Kyume’s staff has caused an uproar in the circle. There’s something very powerful inside. Some say, “Bury it!” others say “Study it!” Meanwhile, a garrison has been hired, just in case that something gets out.
    *Tiskus visits Pravduum, who knows nothing about Csonka. Neither does Foscoe, by the way. Actually, no one they’d talked to knows anything about what happened.
    *Telvas (who is NOT left-handed) finds out a bit more about the shapechangers. Legends say there were two sects—the Grey Pool (the Shafrat) and the Eaters (the Shakal). They ruled the lands east, before imploding in civil war. Supposedly, they all died. Guess not, though, because the Elf was attacked by several Shakal and defended by one Shafrat not that long ago.
    *Shadow locates the trail of the Halfling toughs’ wagon. This becomes the party’s focus for their NEXT adventure.

Other stuff:
*Drunkseeker took the entire Grantham garrison with him back to Felston. There are 12 trained militia members left behind, and an undetermined number of citizens who can take up arms in case something happens (no one knows what that might be).
*There is fear in Grantham that the Hodei might try to come back to claim Grantham as their own, since the city is built on their ancestral lands.
*The Salamander’s Eye Mages make a deal with the party to take up residence and study Yarzu’s tower, in exchange for a magical orb and more information on the shapeshifters.
*The sons of Haggis, Howard and Hubert, parted ways when Drunkseeker left. Howard went north to Felston, while Hubert went south to Epid Sal. Hubert is said to be the new lord of Grantham. But with no army and no Hubert there, it’s hard to say who’s in charge. People are leaving already, anticipating a Hodei return.
*Eunomoch is discovered to be the God of Rationalization, and a capricious one at that.

Adventure duration, 3 days.

It is not JULY 26th, game time.


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