Trials & Trails

Episode 24: This is the End

Things fall apart (after they blow up)

Long story short:

Tiskus manages to close an arcane portal that would’ve allowed the gods of law to inflict a complete lack of autonomy on the realm. In doing so, however, he destroys Mageswell (and seems to disappear in the process). Vicic dies trying to save a retainer. Telvas and Shadow survive the cataclysm.

Demons spill out. Lots of them. The price for avoiding stifling law is some amount of chaos.

Big ol’ fight. Forces of Onall Onaii, Summer Thorne, Gruntorm Drunkseeker, and Braverain Raidersbane take out the demons. Pritt Lill manages to close the main Demon Fissure.

Folks eventually win, but Demon fissures are still present.

Telvas becomes lord of an abandoned Grantham.

Shadow goes back to Felston. He’s still rivals with Komersisto.

Tiskus might have returned to the planes.

Vicic really is dead.


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