Trials & Trails

Episode 14: Darker Paths

Sometimes when you win, you lose...

Our story begins with Telvas falling into a pile of money. His own. Arch-assassin Swiftsteel shows up, looking very different than his previous incarnation. He tosses a sack of coins at Telvas and say, “I don’t take money if I don’t finish a job.” So, someone else offed Mercor Foeblade. But whom?

Not much time to think on that, though, as our Elven Spinmeister is arrested for threatening Drunkseeker in his throne room. Did he? Welllllll….sorta did, a little bit, sorta. In any case, Constable Jerith Walker shows up with 12 members of the guard, and off we go to the newly refurbished Keep Dungeon, where he awaits execution at daybreak, tomorrow.

Naturally, the warrior’s compatriots can’t have that. Tiskus exercises old world magic, turning into a swirling dust thing to get past 3 sets of guards and into the Throne Room, where Tallman Pravduum is working over a passel of papers. Once again charging in planless, he soon finds himself in the sights of one Serem, a stooge of the crown who is tough with the bow.

But, we’re here to parley, yes? Of COURSE, we are. So after an initial, angry exchange (most of that coming from Tisk), Tallman lays out the deal — the party must renounce its claim to the mines in exchange for Telvas’ life. He also informs them that Gruntorm, whom Tiskus initially wanted to see, has left for parts unknown (ostensibly to arrange a marriage). In any case, the herd agrees to the deal, because, well, why get Telvas killed?

Of course, the proud Elf doesn’t make it easy. He refuses to sign the paper. Until Tallman informs him that harsher measures toward all Elves in Felston would follow. For the good of his people, Telvas acquiesces.

So, the now-freed Kalinyas Agalon (“Master of the Spin technique”) and his friends head out to plot and semi-scheme. Clearly, this Gruntorm fellow is a thing. They bat theories back and forth about whether he has gone to arrange marriage with Delia Xorsbottom or one of the daighters of Onall Onaii. They also must consider a letter sent from Foscoe to Tiskus concerning Csonka’s return to Felston, some few days before the party got back to their town. In addition, you have a fire that’s burned up Newman Longbottom’s doobage, and the busted business-halfling’s sudden alliance with Komersisto, a very successful halfling entrepreneur.

A brief foray to the Temple of the Full results in a great deal of aggressive posturing, which, along with the presence of mud sorceror’s symbols, solidifies the idea that Csonka may be held somewhere in the great, adobe temple.

And so, the party ends up with the following issues to deal with:

*Who had Foeblade killed? And why?

*Is Csonka being held in the Temple of the Full? If so, where? If they know where, how will they get to him? And are those chakram as nasty as they appear?

*What is Sisto’s role? He’s purchased the brothel near the Hair of the Dog. He’s resistant to work with Shadow unless he is given “information he can use.”

*What about Shadow’s weed trade? With Newman’s stock destroyed, doesn’t that put Shadow’s stash in danger?

*What is up with Drunkseeker? Telvas has a spy on his tale, but information is sketchy. And, he still needs to pay the dude.

*Pritt Lill, court mage, is being sent to study with Tiskus. Will they find love, or bullets? (j/k—what will become of this sudden arrangement).

Start: 29 JUN


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