Trials & Trails

Episode 13: Mines, Mines, MINES!

The Anticlimactic Ushering of a New Era

The party’s “battle” with the demon ends swiftly. A single magic missile, followed by a slaying stroke from Telvas’ reforged Foeblade sends the demon down and out, where it melts into an acidic mass. The party doesn’t dilly dally, however, because, well, they can’t. The place is still ghoul-infested, as the appearance by a large contingent shows, AND…there is a silver summoning circle on the mound where the Demon sat.

So, they make their way to a chamber containing a magical silver stream, running around 3 small ziggurats, the tops of which, as it turns out (if you climb the chaos-ensorcelled rune-cubes), contain stones of great worth. Tiskus climbs, sets off the magical trap, and sprays everyone, save Shadow, with hot silver.

In the end, the party survives. Gets rid of the summoning circle. Returns to the Gnolls, celebrates, then goes back home to report mission success. While there:

Drunkseeker throws down a tax on the party profits, but insists they need not worry about running it. The group believes it has a third of everything that comes out going to them.

Telvas threatens the Lord in his own keep and is escorted out.

Shadow purchases a tavern, and renames it “Hair of the Dog,” which he intends to run behind the scenes. He starts sending out feelers for petty criminality, intent on running the underworld.

TnT (Telvas and Tiskus) discuss the eventual overthrow of Drunkseeker.

Vicic sets up a small temple, and begins bringing in priests.

All in all, the party seems very Felston-focused, and thoughts of Csonka fade, as they believe he may well be dead by now.

Ended: 29 JUN


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