Trials & Trails

Episode 2: "The Summer Gang"
The creation of a nemesis

Finbaar, Rafos and Telvas join forces once again, this time to dispatch a group of bullies harassing villagers near the Fortress Felston. A gang of toughs under the employ of Thorne Summer, the Black Sun, has encroached on the outlying farms, extorting crops, money, and whatever else they can take. The three take up residence near Broad Creek, where they ambush Summer and his motley crew, sending most of the 20 toughs to their doom. The Black Sun gets away, of course.

Words gets back to the “Baron” of Felston, Gruntorm Drunkseeker, who summons the trio for an audience in his “royal presence”

Episode 1: "The Siege From Within"
Things go BUMP! in the forest

A trio of unlikely heroes comes together in the Finneroak, where Druid Finbaar has made camp near the Lumenspring to gather herbs. The self-taught master of the wild literally runs into Telvas, a wounded Elven warrior who is obviously seeking a place to hide (but from what?). In any case, Finbaar tends to the Elf’s wounds (to include a huge gash across his brow).

The duo becomes a trio when Rafos the Ranger reveals himself and his missions — seems there have been problems near the Kohara, the dense wood (sometimes called “The Suicide Forest”). The spirits protecting the wood have been “acting up” (or so the local hunters day).

The three decide to investigate. In short order, they are drawn into the wood by the Syrins, the dryadic spirits of Kohara. Hopelessly lost and, at one point, beseiged by the normally peaceful spirits, the trio makes their way to the wellspring, the Dul’thur, a magical pond that fuels the pristine wood. Within the pond they find the source of the Koharran spirits’ antipathy—a water elemental has taken residence within!

Through a combination of druidic ritual by Finbarr, combined with the subduiing techniques of Ranger Rafos and Warrior Telvas, the trio expunges the corruption from the pond. The Dryads transport them to the wood’s edge, grateful, but warning them to stay away nevertheless. In any case, the three heroes from disparate backgrounds begin to forge a bond.


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