Human Wizard


CURRENTLY: No one is sure. Seemed to disappear in the explosion in Mageswell.

First Appearance: Episode #3

Background Bullets
*Stylishly coiffed and dressed
*Blew up father’s forge in magic-using accident at 8 years old
*Attended Valgan Mage’s Academy in Sageswell
*Mentor=Buskor Csonka
*Spellbook is written in Shurimic
*Spells give him a “runner’s high” and create a blue glow
*Father was smith (injured in accident)
*Mother and brother died in Orc raids.
*Carries his brother Domonic’s ring
*Danger associated with his magic that he ignores: demon attraction

  • The Gypsy told him: (1) You will develop a reputation among Feline kind (true—he killed a tiger); (2) “When the black rock meets the sky, you will know” (doesn’t know what this means yet); (3) “You will be wearing red shoes when you meet your true love” (so he always wears red shoes).

Adventure Notes
*Likes to leap from high places. Tends to miss when he does.
*Assumes leadership role, but isn’t listened to as much as he’d like.
*In the process of finding out about Csonka’s machinations concerning the Plem and the Demurgos.
*Has a deal in place to create magic items in Felston—eventually.
*Tends to put himself in danger a lot for a mage.



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