Telvas "Spins" Camoran

City Elf Fighter


CURRENTLY: Leader of the Elven population in Grantham.

Your title here…First Appearance: Episode 1

Background Bullets
*"City Elf" (race was once enslaved by humans—all grew up in city and became acclimatized to it).
*Wields the “Foeblade” (Rapier stolen from Lord Mercor Foeblade himself).
*Blade has insignia of guard carved into the handle
*Used to be a Lord’s Guard in Navene
*Learned his craft in military
*Most powerful thing slain=a giant (“Like, a really big one…”)
*Carries scar on brow given him by Jaeel Dearclan, a friend he “betrayed.”
*Has mother and younger brother back in Navene,
*(Might be operating under an assumed name?)

Adventure Notes
*Avoided complete surprise by noticing Gilk tracks near Krystaltree
*Fancy moves versus the Gilk (stabbed from behind).
*Along with Rafos, held off the Mist Wraiths
*Survived being grasped and drained by a Mist Wraith.
*Has Everfull Bread Pouch (When you consume a ration, roll 2d6+Cha. On a 10 or better, the party consumes half the normal rations, and everyone gets a +1 forward; on a 7-9, the party consumes half the normal rations).
*Defeated Linnorm in hand to hand combat after it swallowed his sword.
*Seemed to escape detection by Jael Deerclan, when she was working with party temporarily.
*Hammered enchanted armor’s feet to the ground, granting him the nickname “Hammertoe.”


Telvas "Spins" Camoran

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