Human Ranger, (Killed in Yurith's tomb)


First Appearance: Episode 1

Background Bullets
*Skilled woodsman
*Always a loner growing up
*Befriended and trained in the ways of the wild by hermit, Retho (who died of old age)
*Retho left behind a figurine of a bear
*Has rat companion named Errol
*Hates cities
*Last expedition netted a HUGE wild boar, which he ate.
*Most dangerous thing hunted=man

Adventure Notes
*Recovered Elven Greybow and ammo from corpse in Gilk Tree
*Knew of Legend of Kyume
*Killed Mist Wraith on Telvas with a shot to the head.
*Came back from the dead after falling in battle.
*Deadly in battles with Linnorms of Khalhatan.
*Lost pet rat; replaced with Corg, the Dog (not a corgy).
*Tends toward caution.
*Killed in battle with Yurith



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