Halfling Thief


CURRENTLY: Semi-retired, and running “Hair of the Dog” tavern in Felston.

FIRST APPEARED: Valley of Khalhatan (Episode 7: Yurith’s Tomb, Part 1)

*Native of Greenlake Farm, near city of Wellspring (near Mageswell).
*Family of traders (Pipeleaf)
*Father (Freebern) and mother (Mina), older brother (Freebern, Jr.) and younger sister, Drogga
*Unruly personal appearance, but fine dress.
*In it for the $$
*Can sniff out traps like a mu’

Adventure notes:
*Survivor of adventuring troupe (all dead due to lizards). Adventuring troupe included: Thndaar (Barbarbian), Quincy (Cleric), Mage (Lucifer).
*Helped group navigate tricks and traps of Yurith’s Tomb.
*Survived a chaotic hit and run with Veluta, the Tomb Guardian



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