Finbaar (DECEASED)

Human Druid--Killed by Needle Goblins, Ep. 7)





Background Bullets
*Self-taught in the ways of the wild
*Home=the Onall river delta
*Delta is know for river dolphins
*"Where there is dirt, there is food" (can grow sustenance from a handful of dirt)
*Shapechange manifests in a spinning twirl (like a little tornado)
*Grew up as orphan on farm.
*Mentor/Foreman helped him, gave him a token (necklace-wood & stone)

Adventure Notes
*Used fox form to escape effects of Red Mist
*Smashed the Gilk’s head with shillelgh
*Aided in ritual and later cleansing of FInneroak
*Now holds the staff (and mantle) of Kyume the Great Forest Druid
*Killed by Needle Goblins in Battle at the Rock


Finbaar (DECEASED)

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