Trials & Trails

EPISODE 25: The Hills Are Alive

When viIlagers take up arms, they just plain die


In the peaceful land of Tir Diggon, far away from exploding cities and Demon Fissures, a group of villagers takes up arms in an attempt to end a threat to their village. A series of kidnappings involving “Beastmen,” reveals a trail up the hill, to the old “Keep on the Crack” (not to be confused with a medical condition). Ten stalwarts head up the hill, in search of their missing brethren, as well as a missing Paladin, Dresden Onaii, and her retinue. After receiving a blessing from Dreseden’s sister, Buchenwald, as well as some supplies from the village, off they do.

Well…Six of the 10 perish, thanks to vine horrors, and a passel of Beastmen. Four of the crew make it through, though. Esma, a seasoned scout. Dwylo, a nimble-fingered brewer with a pipeline to the gods (sort of). Mosodol, a buff scribe prone to tossing adversaries off parapets. And Uchder, a brooding crofter whose most dangerous weapon seems to be his teeth. After a vicious fight with the Beastmen, including one that resembles a minotaur, the party comes of age! Oh, and they find Dresden and a pair of her retainers.

Now, possessed of better arms and armament (as well as a bump from zero to 1st level), the intrepid crew prepares to plumb the depths of the keep!

CAMPAIGN START DATE: March 01, The 5th Year of the Demon

Basically, we ran a funnel, using a published module. We managed to get through the upper portion of the keep with four survivors, adding a 5th character (one of our players lost both his villagers):-(, after taking out the Beastmen.



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