Trials & Trails

Episode #16: Untying the Knot

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And so the party manages to avoid prosecution by the Full because the Full decides not to pursue it. This doesn’t keep Full Priest Marka Pilvod from directly threatening Shadow & Co with retribution (in a “when you least expect it, expect it” kind of way).

In any case, the adventure takes a turn toward investigation, the highlight of which is Vicic resurrecting a plague victim and sending her to question Full fanatics about their faith. This ends up being a Full escort of said dead maiden toward the keep, where Vicic dispels his hold and the corpse drops dead afresh, only to be gathered up by the acolytes with the cryptic comment, “Hey it’s all meat, right?” Then the idiots carry a plague-riddled corpse into the Temple. Of course, they’ve been preaching in the plague quarter for awhile now, and no Full member has yet contracted anything (hmmmmm, one says or thinks, or mutters).

So, not much found out there, relatively speaking (except that Vicic’s chest casting is pretty awesomely powerful). Other stuff we find out:

*El Star Charts: Pritt discovers that one of the charts, when held at a certain location and a certain time, changes to reveal an eclipse. She and Tiskus head to Mageswell, where the facilities and such are better, and discover that a celestial event, “The Week of No Sun” is to occur this coming October. Couple that with all that “cleansing” talk from the Full ("a new day will dawn, and yaddayaddayadda), and them thinks maybe sumpin’ not so good is afoot in a few months? They also find out that the Mageswell council has clamped down on all information about Kyume’s staff. Foscoe Borgia thinks the silence is bad news. He’s probably right. Or very, very high.

*Swiftsteel makes an appearance, this time clean-shaven, wearing the latest in Mageswellian fashion—which is strange, because there are no Mageswell boutiques in Felston. He appears to know a LOT about the group’s machinations of eventual town takerage. One wonders how. He also appears to applaud their efforts. Of course, he appears to be a lot of things, but know one knows exactly what.

*Telvas is warned by Jaeel Deerclan to leave Felston. She tells him it’s going to be a bad place to be pretty soon (of course, pretty soon in medieval terms could be 3 years—but he thinks it’s probably sooner than that).

*Shadow delves into Komersisto’s affairs, but Komie will have none of it. But that’s business, I suppose. The thief astutely cases Sisto’s lodgings anyway, though, and notes a pair of rough looking halfling adventuring types, armed to the teeth, showing up under cover of darkness, meeting with the merchant, then leaving a few hours later, heading south east (-erly).

In the end, everything sort of comes back to Vici’s original guidance spell that pointed the party SE, before the murders at the Full Temple took place. The shady characters consorting with Sisto, the letter from the full mentioning Dormorians, and the info in Foscoe’s original letter all point toward Lac Drune, and Grantham, the Foeblade Estate, and the swamps beyond, where a mud sorcerer obelisk rests (they think).

Meanwhile, Tiskus purchases a used suit from local tailor Garack—bright red with a green medusa head on the back. His thoughts turn to trend-setting. (oh, and he also finds out about a former Mageswellian wizard who was heavily into old world magic, one Eve Zvunpesson, who was booted out of Mageswell some 12 years before—word has it, she’s still around somewhere).

P.S. Due to murders and stuff, the Full cancels its monthly initiation ceremony to plot revenge against the party (well, maybe…I mean, that’s what *I’d do).

Adventure start: 05 JUL END: 08 JUL, evening


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