Trials & Trails

Episode #15: The Iron Circle

Breaking, entering, and exiting, hastily

And so, with Shadow emphatically barking, “Temple, Temple, Temple,” the group decides to see whazzup wid The Temple of the Full, an order that proselytizes during the day, but seems to stay away from Felston at night. So, they scout yon place, see little activity, discern where the secret entrances are (thanks to some scouting off a convenient hillside by El Shadow) and decide to go at night, en masse, minus Telvas, who orders out a bunch of Ale and such in order to provide their alibi.

Of course, the Full keeps the guards out at night, a pair of them on the hill. And, of course, the party semi-sort tips them off. Shadow guts one of them, thanks to stealthy backstabbage. The other, obviously, notices, then attempts to sprint away, only to find himself held by Vicic’s spell. Unfortunately, the hold spell does not preclude screaming bloody murder. By the time Shadow murders the guard from afar, with a smack down bow shot, the Temple has been alerted.

Eight iron-collared initiates stream out from the entrances, all taking aim at the halfling. Taking the prudent way out, Shadow opts for an exit strategy, wriggling his way through grasping guards who’ve already heaved their chakram in vain at him. He beats feet right back to town, bringing them in tow (but leaving behind his telltale skull necklace).

Meanwhile, Vicic remains hidden, behind a convenient bush, and Tiskus remains hidden behind a convenient Invisibility spell. Eventually, the former attempts to run, while the latter tiptoes his way into the Temple, as additional initiates come streaming out. Eventually, Vicic gets away, losing an ear in the process, while Tisk walks right into the temple via the subterranean conduit.

Then begins the tale of two near disasters: while Telvas and Shadow try hard to convince the pursuing Full that both he and the halfling have been partying it up all night (and Vicic makes his bloody headed way back to the same location). Tiskus lives a comedy of errors involving mud, tree climbing, roof-breaking and ration-tossing. In the end, the Full are on “Full Alert” (har-har), knowing they have a mage in their midst, but only having several bags of adventuring rations to prove anything. Meanwhile, Tiskus’ tiptoeing reveals a letter written by the “Gran Sacerdote” of the temple to his superiors. He pilfers it and walks out of the temple, just as the Full seals the doors. (I wonder how long it will be before that letter is missed?).

Meanwhile, back in town, a pair of low level Full banter about “vice” and “weakness” with Telvas, while Shadow puts on the fastest drunk in history, downing ale and pipe weed. Vicic makes his way in the house, slides his way into Tiskus room to gather a healing cloak, and stumbles on Pritt LIll in the mage’s room. Seems the initiate has passed out after studying star charts.

And so, we leave off with:

*Constable Walker showing up at the group’s house, asking questions.

*One, possible two clues as to who murdered the Full’s guards (a necklace and an ear, if found).

*A letter in a vaguely discernible langauge, mentioning Dormorians and the God of Pestilence, Breddiith.

*A discovery beneath the Temple of a stone cylinder, which Tiskus believes is accessible from the floor above, beneath the Full Chakram symbol.

Other stuff:
*Both Pritt Lill and Tiskus experienced old world backlash, using new world spells. What up wid dat?

*Telvas meets with Jaeel Deeclan, who is now in the employ of someone other than Foeblade. She asks about Summer Thorne, specifically where to find him, and invites her former colleague to go looking with her, in a week (or was is 3 days? who can remember?). The Elven Spinmaster has become a local hero among his people, and the voice of occasional reason in the party. He also cuts things.

*Vicic is earless, which is bad enough in and of itself. But it also marks him as present at the murder site. It also makes all music he hears sound like the White Album, backwards.:-)

*Shadow’s nekclace implicates him in the murders. He’ll have to pull an even faster one to wriggle out of this pickle. Oh, and he hurled right on the Constable.

*Pritt Lill mentions something to Vicic about the star charts, but the looming threat of trouble with the law tables that conversation.

*A very muddy, albeit invisible, Tiskus is on his way back to town.

Start 02 JUL….End 04 July, late at night


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