Trials & Trails

Episode #10: No Place Like Home (or Felston)

An uneasy alliance with a douche bag

The party spends a couple of days convalescing in the burgeoning basetown, as rumors fly about the intrepid trio of coin-laden adventurers. It isn’t long before Tiskus’ nagging conscience (and a need to bank some coin), force them into preparing for their next trial and travail. They eventually end up in Mageswell, where they receive key information about Csonka’s obsession with the Mud Sorcerors. Other stuff happened, too, as follows:

*Gruntorm Drunkseeker, rumored in YUUUUUGE debt, arranges a meeting with the party. The suddenly friendly lord proves to be both an oblivious racist and something of a pervert. In any case, he has the claim, and promises the characters from prime real estate, as well as 50% of the mine proceeds if they can get the Gnoll to release the claim to their ancestral lands. (can you say, “forced relocation”). As this is sorta on the way (plus they like money), the party signs a binding contract, allowing them to negotiate in Drunkseeker’s name. The Mine itself is non-operational, having caved in a long time ago. There are rumors of creatures bubbling up from below beyond the boulder-crammed corridors.

*Telvas seems to have dealt with his Foeblade problem by getting rid of the Foeblade. With Tiskus’ help, plus a rented forge, he merges a magical shortsword from the Khalhatan loot and creates a brand, spankin’ new blade, after which. the ever-present Swiftsteel, whom Telvas has been suspicious of since he met him, reveals himself as a bounty hunter and assassin. Since his task was to bring back the Foeblade, however, and it is gone, he informs the spinning elven swordmaster he won’t pursue the matter anymore. Further, he can make Telvas’ problem “go away” for fifteen hundred coin. Telvas pays it, not realizing until later he’s basically put out a hit on Lord Foeblade himself. Whoopee! (we hope).

*Shadow runs into a rival pipeweed dealer, one Newman Longbottom, who has managed to wheedle his way into Felston as the only dealer in town. Hard up for pipeweed, he negotiates a price, to no avail. It’s a bad price. Thankfully, a haggard and poor looking cleric nearby, one Vicic of Epid Sal, functions as a go between, procuring the precious substance at a decent price. On top of that, Vicic is seeking to join a party of successful adventurers in order to gain coin for his home temple, which has been combating Ningothrastian slavery on the coastline, and needs the dough. HIs services are put into use near immediately as:

*Tiskus downs red-lotus infused wine and drops to the ground, frothing, right there in the middle of the supply store. Thanks to his own innate constitution, and a bit of help from Vicic, he recovers. Management forgives him breaking the “no dying in my shop” rule, the party buys some stuff, and then saddles up for Mageswell.

*In Mageswell, Foscoe informs them the bad news about the Staff of Kyume. Seems there’s an entity in it. A bad one. A chaos scourge whose name he cannot tell them. It’s not good. They’re not getting that staff back. He also tells them Csonka has been fervently researching the Mud Sorcerers, and has gone north, to Kor Xolod, the Cold Lake, which Csonka evidently believed was a great sinkhole created by cataclysmic Mud magic, much like the Khalhatan sinkhole—on steroids. The party has an idea where to go, but needs a few more supplies, in particular, cold weather gear. Thankfully, and olf friend/flame of Tiskus’s is in charge of these things. He girds his loinage for the meeting, likely a tense one, with Cosma, whose friendship he may have lost by initiating drunken intimacies during their graduation week, then leaving like a little bitch to go adventuring.

And so, the episode ends with the party banking their dough, then prepping to go. The life of an adventurer is an exciting one, albeit fraught with peril of various levels of severity. Questions remain, such as:

*Will Shadow actually kill Foeblade? Or did he just scam the shite out of Telvas?
*Will Cosma actually help Tiskus? Has she moved on? And what about their love child (wait, LOVE CHILD?)
*Will Shadow take over the pipeweed trade? Or will Newman triumph? Will they become fast friends? And why is everyone calling him “Jerry?”
*Will Vicic ever buy any decent clothes?

This and more, next episode.:-)



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